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Family update, back to school and COVID-19, and a couple other items to share...

August 2, 2020

To all families,

Reaching out to share a long overdue update and touch base on a few items.

COVID-19 Risk Management

As the start of school is upon us for some, and seemingly fast approaching for others, we wanted to share some details of our current thinking and approach, and review some of the ways we’d like you to help us as well.

Some of what we’re doing:

  • As we serve individuals across a variety of surrounding counties and school systems. We are tracking what each school system is doing to protect the safety of their students and staff. And how their actions/plans impact our clients and staff.

  • As clients we serve begin to enter school buildings across the area, we are reviewing our own safety protocols and instructions with each of our staff members. Some of these instructions include steps such as:

  • Washing hands and disinfecting our vehicle interiors before pickups.

  • Staff wearing a mask throughout transportation and clients wearing a mask as well whenever feasible.

  • We feel it’s important that we address through programming, any of our clients who cannot wear a mask due to them still learning how to do so. You may be contacted by your BCBA about adding this goal to their treatment plan, these programs would be individualized as any others in accordance with baseline ability, tolerance, etc..

  • Staff and clients wash hands and disinfect certain articles such as backpacks, car seats, etc., regardless of who they belong to, before they enter one of our outpatient offices or client homes.

  • Staff (and clients as mentioned above) wear a mask throughout the session whenever distancing is not feasible.

  • Disinfecting all work spaces at the start of the day, individual work stations after sessions, and other office areas periodically throughout the day.

  • Nobody enters one of our outpatient offices without a temperature check and mask, or stays for any period of time without washing hands and observing other protocols, whether staff or visitor.

  • Limiting the number of people allowed in any of our outpatient offices in order to maintain adequate options for distancing to prevail.

There are other steps we’re taking as well that further attempt to mitigate risk of transmission as much as possible. Feel free to reach out to your Care-Coordinator, BCBA, or myself with any questions or to discuss further.

Some of what we’re asking you to do:

  • Help us ensure that our staff are protected when in your home as much as possible.

  • Please wear masks and/or have other family members wear masks when our staff are present and unable to maintain adequate social distancing.

  • Have everyone in the home wash hands reliably whenever returning from having left the home.

  • Disinfect areas we work in prior to our arrival, let us know any areas to avoid that haven’t been disinfected.

  • When weather permits, ventilate the home to exchange indoor air with “fresh” outdoor air.

  • Let us know if anyone in the home develops symptoms, or was exposed to someone who has developed symptoms and is being tested or quarantined.

  • Let us know if any of our staff are not following expected protocols or practices, or if you’d like us to take additional or particular steps to ensure you and your families safety.

A couple other quick updates:

All data collection moving to Central Reach beginning Aug 3

Beginning this week, all staff will be utilizing Central Reach for treatment planning, data collection, and progress monitoring.

We’re very excited about this development as it will allow us to move away from Catalyst and reduce the number of platforms we have to regularly log in to. It will also allow us to share progress with families more readily via the Parent Portal access you already have.

Exploring expanded space options in Bloomington, new space options in Evansville.

There’s a new space option near the new Switchyard Park in Bloomington that we’re seriously pursuing. This location would double our current interior space, provide several new room options, and is a very short walk to the north side park entrance. We have also been looking for a starter space in Evansville to provide additional options for families we’ve begun serving in that area.

That’s it for now 😁

There are a number of other projects in progress that we will hopefully be ready to update everyone about in the coming weeks. Otherwise, let us know if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions.

Thank you as always for your support and for trusting us to care for the needs of your children and family.

In good health, Fritz

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