ABA Therapy

Putting the Person First

Our approach is centered on getting to know our service recipients. We shape our services around their preferences and strengths to meet their goals.

The Ins & Outs

Getting to Know Behavior

Applied Behavior Analysis is a therapy practice rooted in analyzing the relationship between behavior and learning. Clients who have developmental differences oftentimes behave differently than others in certain situations. Learning what influences the behavior of a client helps to guide them to better emotion regulation and positive reactions. Applied Behavior Analysis focuses on an individual’s communication, attention, and social skills while helping to decrease problematic behaviors. Our approach emphasizes a learner-led model that empowers the individual to maintain a ‘hand on the wheel’ as they learn while doing.

Positive Reinforcement

We equip individuals by learning new skills and preferred behaviors, increasing their abilities and confidence through functional interactions.

A Neurodiverse Approach

We utilize a person-first, trauma-assumed approach, practicing non-coercive methods to both skill acquisition efforts and challenging behavior.


Our services maintain a process that combines the individual’s preferences and priorities while incorporating an experiential approach.