Behavior Support

Coming Alongside

Here at SCI, our focus is to meet each client where they are at, understanding their needs and the obstacles they may be facing.

Focusing In

Unlocking Behavior

Behavior Support services help to change behavior that can interfere with individuals’ interests and desires or may put themselves or others in harm’s way. By teaching new skills and strengthening existing ones, we are able to reach improved social interactions, emotional regulation, communication skills, self-care, and more. This in turn improves the individual’s quality of life significantly.


We start by learning how the behavior affects the individual and others in their life, creating a plan to reach the preferred change.

Success Focused

We develop a support plan that helps to strengthen preferred response skills, teaching both the individual and their support team.

Social Belonging

We pursue these efforts throughout our relationship with the individual, ensuring they and their support team experience improved quality of life.