Participant Assistance & Care (PAC)

Independent Accomplishment

Here at SCI, we are building high-quality services for individuals and their families throughout the seasons of their life.

Personalized Care

Matching Ability and Need

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) Services are used to help individuals live successfully in their own homes and function and participate in their communities. We can use PAC services to address activities of daily living, self-care, mobility, and more to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the service recipient. We can also use this service in collaboration with other services and providers, to maintain continuity of care. PAC is a service available to individuals on the Family Support Waiver in Indiana.


A Case-Manager creates a plan from the needs and preferences of the individual. This is used to guide the expectations of the PAC services.

Guide & Assist

We focus on establishing a comfortable rapport, working together with the service recipient and collaborating with other caregivers and providers.


The end goal is to assist the individual with whatever needs they have or are still working on, focusing on advancing their quality of life.