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about us

We are simply an ever growing and improving group of individuals who care deeply about the cause of serving others.

Our story started in the summer of 2016 when a number of us, after many years of working, training, serving, and studying with a variety of amazing and accomplished professionals, researchers, individuals, and organizations.  Decided to come together to build a more holistic approach to serving individuals who are experiencing Autism and/or other developmental differences.  


Collectively we have many decades of experience providing a variety of therapies and other services to children and adults who are experiencing Autism, neuro-diversities, physical, intellectual and/or other developmental differences.   

We set out to see if we can "build a better mousetrap", by drawing from our previous experience, identifying what we liked and what we thought could be changed that would yield additional benefits.

We determined that any focus on outcomes would need to consider both the immediate or short term needs of the individual and families we serve, as well as their longer term needs and the implications of how our approach to "now" would impact everyone "later".

Therefore we determined that we would develop our services in a manner that focused on a few basic principles:

  • We offer services in a variety of settings so that we can support and teach in the environments where those served will otherwise be spending their time outside of their time with us.

  • We concentrate on areas where change is most likely to result in significant and substantial quality of life improvements.

  • We develop our methods in a manner that ensure those served are ever increasing their abilities to get where they most want to go... 


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